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This section has English annotations with Dutch stories. I also have a section with stories in Dutch, English and Chinese.

In each story the annoted words or expressions are highlighted in yellow. Just hover your mouse over the highlighted part, and you will see the English explanation of the term.

The stories are in chronological order (most recent at the top).
You can sort a column by clicking on the header, and reverse the order by clicking again (provided you haven't blocked JavaScript on your computer).
You can see on which colum has been sorted by the arrow sign (up or down) in the header.
By sorting on the second column (Posted) you can see which stories I posted last.
The last column can be useful, because sometimes I add more annotations or remarks based on comments from the readers.

For people who don't know me, it may be useful in reading the stories when you know a little about my background.

Take note: since Dutch is my native language I use it based on routine. Of course I learned all the grammar rules at school, but I'm now 56 years old, so I largely have forgotten those. So don't take everything I say for granted, though I think my Dutch is not too bad.

Title Description Last
2010-01-15 2013-03-26 Espresso machine Although I have a technical function (computer specialist), my technical skills regarding equipment are not that good. 2013-03-26
2012-07-05 2012-07-14 Ventilation system I picked up the phone, although the number of the person who was calling wasn't displayed. And I came to regret it. 2012-07-14
2012-06-21 2012-07-10 Thunderstorm I took the car to drive to an area of heavy showers. 2012-07-10
2012-05-21 2012-05-30 Winning a prize I took part in a writing contest, and won a prize. 2012-05-30
2012-05-16 2012-05-31 Dogs and taiji It can be quite annoying when you're practicing taijiquan, and dogs are running around you, or even jumping against you, all the time. 2012-05-31
2012-05-12 2013-04-15 Headset Dangerous things can happen when you use a headset to listen to an MP3 player. 2012-05-28
2012-05-09 2012-05-28 Former classmate About the first girl I was at least a little in love with, and my attempt to find her after our schooltime together was over. 2012-05-28
2012-05-05 2012-05-30 Bugs I have 3 types of irritating bugs in my house, and this is about one of them. It's appetite is mainly for clothes and the like. 2012-05-30
2012-04-27 2012-05-28 Chinese book collection An old woman who had to move, donated a lot of books about China to me. 2012-05-28
2012-01-15 2012-06-08 Wasting time at work Every now and then everybody in my very large company has to learn something which may be useful for some people, but certainly not for all. And then, since we're in kindergarten, we have to prove we have learned it by doing a very stupid exam. 2012-06-29
2012-01-02 2012-07-13 The mysterious cleaning woman My male hormones got the better of me, when I got to see a glimpse of an unknown woman at work. 2012-07-13
2012-07-04 2012-08-02 Blocking the street My car broke down when I was in a narrow street. 2012-08-02
2010-01-21 2012-08-03 Piano man The persons who clean my office building missed me when I had moved to another room. 2012-08-03
2010-01-31 2012-08-03 Dinner for free We always get a gift from the company at Christmas time. But I almost missed it. 2012-08-03
2012-08-05 2012-08-05 Eating habits Most people would consider my eating habits a "little" bit weird. 2012-08-05
2010-02-01 2013-04-12 Coat exchange Somebody in the hospital accidentally took my coat. 2013-04-15
2011-05-19 2013-04-15 Jurassic Park The persons working in my team are apparently considered to be the dinosaurs of our company :-). 2013-04-15
2011-08-29 2013-04-20 Food as payment The man who repaired the spectacles of my mother didn't want a payment. But if I insisted, he would like a delicacy from the bakery across the square. 2013-04-26
2011-07-13 2013-04-26 Oil radiator After complaining about my cold hands and feet at work, I got my own special heater! 2013-04-26
2010-04-15 2013-05-01 Bank card problems My mother got a new bank card, but it cost us a lot of time to figure out why it didn't work. 2010-05-01

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